2008.5 - 2018 A3 1.8t/2.0T Stage 1+ (Full e85) (Remote Tune)

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Our stage 1+ tune is everything you’ve been looking for to wake up the potential of your car! We offer a high quality tune that will help your car perform at the level you have been looking for. With the ease of a remote tune. We ensure to make your performance tune experience happen with no gimmicks and no stress.


Boost Dynamic Tuning's Stage 1+ Gains: 

PSI  16 - 17  

Tapering PSI 13 - 15

Horse Power 109

Torque 110


Modifications Required for tune:

  • No Modifications Required 



Stage 1+ Engine Calibration Modifications 


  • Increased Throttle Response

  • Increased Boost Pressure

  • Air Fuel Ratio (Afr) - More fuel added

  • Raised Ignition Angle

  • Increased Cam Timing

  • Idle speed Limiter Raised

  • Speed limiter raised

  • HPFP Pressure Increased

  • Low Pressure Increased


Included with Stage 1+ Tune:


Rpm Limiter: 


NOT RECOMMENDED if your vehicle is running a stock K03/K04 turbo. The K03/K04’s can not continue the same flow of boost past the 5500rpms mark. Therefore, there is no reason to raise the redline based on the Ko3/Ko4 flow chart.


Emissions OFF (Off road use only)


  • Cat code


Additional Options:


Crackle Pops/Burbles Options (be sure to note your preference in the comment box. The default is set to intense):




  • INTENSE  (This will cause some vehicles to make flames, if the vehicle is straight piped.)  


Special Requests Available


  • Meth injection