2001 - 2005 GTI/GOLF 1.8T Stage 2 (plug and play ecu)

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Our Stage 2 Tune is everything you’ve been looking for to wake up the potential of your car! We offer a high quality tune that will help your car perform at the level you have been looking for. With the ease of our plug and play ECU. We ensure to make your performance tune experience happen with no gimmicks and no stress.


Boost Dynamic Tuning's Stage 2 Gains: 

PSI  18 - 21 

Tapering PSI 15 - 17  (depending on elevation)

Horse Power 60

Torque 70 - 80


Modifications Required for tune:

  • Removed Catalytic Converter
  • (recommended Diverter Valve Upgrade)
  • Upgraded Spark Plugs (BKR7EIX .028 Gap)

 PLEASE NOTE: If you have an Upgraded Turbo installed, you are NOT eligible for Stage 2 Tune. You must purchase our Stage 3 Tune



Stage 2 Engine Calibration Modifications 


  • Increased Throttle Response

  • Increased Boost Pressure

  • Air Fuel Ratio (Afr) - More fuel added

  • Raised Ignition Angle

  • Increased Cam Timing

  • Idle speed Limiter Raised

  • Speed limiter raised



Included with Stage 2 Tune:


NLS/ No Lift To Shift

  • On average, this option is set to 6000rpms


  • N249

  • Evap

  • N80

  • Rear o2

  • Sai ( Secondary air injection)


MAF-Less Tune:

This means I will be using your map sensor for fueling control. So you can leave your maf unplugged, and install any Maf housing you wish.


Immobilizer delete:

This allows your vehicle to start when you replace your stock ECU with a tuned ECU. This will also allow your vehicle to start if your key’s transponder fails (This is a common issue on the MK4 platform). *NOTE: If your key fails with immobilizer delete your vehicle will still start, However, you will still have a flashing key light until you adapt another key to the cluster.


Additional Options:

Crackle Pops/Burbles Options (be sure to note your preference in the comment box. The default is set to intense):



  • INTENSE (This will cause some vehicles to make flames, if the vehicle is straight piped.)  


Two Step/Anti lag/Launch Control 

  • On average, this option is set to 4500rpms. *NOT AVAILABLE FOR AUTO TRANS MODELS*



Special requests available

  • AEB cylinder heads Only - VVT (Variable Valve Timing) Removal 

MBC (Manual Boost Controller):

This is a small device that goes between the pressure side and the wastegate , and gives you the control to set boost pressure to a desired level. BDT’s tune only allows the car to boost between 0-23psi. In the event you set the controller higher than 23psi, Boost Dynamic Tuning is not responsible for catastrophic events. 


 You can receive a $50 core refund, if I receive your old ecu by mail. Please check out our "Shipping" information here.



  • 5
    Totally Different Car

    Posted by Ryan on Dec 26th 2023

    The test drive after the install, I was smiling ear to ear the whole time. Walked back into house and my wife was like “you just put that new ECU thing in your car didn’t you? There’s no other reason you’d be smiling that much”. Throttle response is great, and so much more power with the stage 2. I’m super pleased with these guys’ work. It woke the GTI up and made it a completely different car.

  • 4
    Stage 2

    Posted by Matt Vaughan on Jan 29th 2023

    I really like this plug play unit. I really wish there was a specific place that was labeled for the crackles and pops. The default one is intense which is a little intense for me lol. I wish I could have gone with the medium. But I like it and it really woke this car up. I would recommend

  • 5
    Best 1.8t tune on the market!

    Posted by Travis Long on Dec 18th 2022

    Best tune on the market no doubt. Thing rips like never before. No issues what so ever. Words can’t even explain.

  • 5
    Stage 2 Tune

    Posted by Gavin Sheppard on Mar 26th 2022

    Awesome Tune! Woke my car up! I got more power and some better gas mileage all in one. This is great especially since I’m on the interstate a lot. Trent answered any questions I had and provided great service! These guys know what they are doing!!! 100% recommend!!!

  • 5
    Awesome tune! Extremely happy!

    Posted by Roberto molina on Mar 7th 2019

    I was thw fence at first but boy am i glad i got this tune. Ive owned the car for 2 years and drive it 40 miles EVERY day and it has never drove this smooth and civilized, until i hit the gas that is. It absolutely blew me away just how much power the car has, its very surprising. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend. Oh, and the 2-step is nuts too! Trent took care of any questions i had and answered my messages promptly. Again, highly recommend.