2006 - 2008 A4 B7 2.0T Stage 2+

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Our stage 2+ tune is everything you’ve been looking for to wake up the potential of your car! We offer a high quality tune that will help your car perform at the level you have been looking for. With the ease of our plug and play ecu. We ensure to make your performance tune experience happen with no gimmicks and no stress.


Boost Dynamic Tuning's Stage 2+ Gains: 

PSI  23 - 25

Tapering PSI 17 - 20  (depending on elevation)

Horse Power 100 - 130

Torque 110 - 130


Modifications Required for tune:

  • Cold Air Intake
  • Removed Catalytic Converter
  • (recommended Diverter Valve Upgrade)
  • HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump)
  • Upgraded Spark Plugs (BKR7EIX .028 Gap)


Stage 2+ Engine Calibration Modifications 



  • Increased Throttle Response

  • Increased Boost Pressure

  • Air Fuel Ratio (Afr) - More fuel added

  • Raised Ignition Angle

  • Increased Cam Timing

  • Idle speed Limiter Raised

  • Speed limiter raised

  • HPFP Pressure Increased

  • Low Pressure Increased



Included with Stage 2+ Tune:


Rpm limiter 

NOT RECOMMENDED if your vehicle is running a stock K03/K04 turbo. The K03/K04’s can not continue the same flow of boost past the 5500rpms mark. Therefore, there is no reason to raise the redline based on the Ko3/Ko4 flow chart.



  • Cat code


Immobilizer Delete: 

This allows your vehicle to start when you replace your stock ECU with a tuned ECU. This will also allow your vehicle to start if your key’s transponder fails (This is a common issue on the MK4 platform). *NOTE: If your key fails with immobilizer delete your vehicle will still start, However, you will still have a flashing key light until you adapt another key to the cluster.


Additional Options:


Crackle Pops/Burbles Options (be sure to note your preference in the comment box. The default is set to intense):



  • INTENSE (This will cause some vehicles to make flames, if the vehicle is straight piped.)  


Two Step/Anti lag/Launch Control 

  • On average, this option is set to 4500rpms. *NOT AVAILABLE FOR AUTO TRANS MODELS*


Special Requests Available

  • Meth injection

  • Intake flaps removed