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All tunes are for OFF ROAD USE ONLY!

I understand that Boost Dynamic Tuning will not be held accountable for ANY results of performance/modifications added to your vehicle beyond stock/original factory configuration. Boost Dynamic Tuning is a performance shop; therefore, the modifications added are decided upon by me, the owner. I understand that problems could arise from modifying my vehicle beyond stock. I hereby authorize Boost Dynamic Tuning to perform the modifications we have discussed and assume all responsibilities of the outcomes. I understand that the modifications I have selected may effect or void manufacturer warranty and accept such possibilities and assume sole responsibility for making
these decisions. Boost Dynamic Tuning is not held accountable for any warranties that may be affected by modifications to your vehicle in any way. I understand that payment is due in full upon release of the vehicle. I understand there could be unforeseeable complications during the modifications that could result in additional charges on my invoice and final bill.I understand that Boost Dynamic Tuning will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle or articles left in the vehicle in case of fire, theft, accident, or any other cause beyond our control. I hereby authorize a dynamo meter test (if requested) and/or service work to be done along with the necessary material, parts and labor. I hereby grant you and your employees permission to operate the vehicle described below or described in purchase title , both on the road and on the dynamo meter, and voluntarily release and forever discharge Boost Dynamic Tuning and its employees from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action, of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, arising from, or by reason of, any bodily or personal injury, death or property damage resulting from, or as a result of the use of any Boost Dynamic Tuning product , dynamo meter testing equipment or road testing. This release also includes, but is not limited to, any claim against Boost Dynamic Tuning LLC for first aid, medical treatment, or services rendered during participation in the above described product or of the vehicle either on the dynamo meter or during road testing. I, the purchaser of the product agree to assume all responsibility and liability for any and all damage that occurs to my vehicle while utilizing Boost Dynamic Tuning product and furthermore agree to release from any and all liability and hold harmless Boost Dynamic Tuning from any said damage. Boost Dynamic tuning doesn't allow returns of any sort. By paying the invoice or paying for the product you automatically sign/agree to this contract. We want to thank you for supporting our business Boost Dynamic Tuning!