2020 Audi B9.5 A4 ~ Stage 1 & Stage 1+ Dyno

Posted by TJ on Aug 3rd 2022

2020 Audi B9.5 A4 ~ Stage 1 & Stage 1+ Dyno

How's it going BDT Squad? 

We are so excited to finally show you our B9.5 A4 dyno numbers! 

We have been waiting over a month for some "cool" weather, and the best we could get was an 81 degree day in the middle of a thunderstorm! We did, however, use all that time to refine the tune to make sure this tune was smooth, powerful and most of all reliable. 

Even in this extreme heat, we are super happy with the power out put from this little 4 banger! With zero modifications, we put our Stage 1 & Stage 1 + ECU tunes to the test! 


Stock - 220 HP 252 TQ

Stg 1 - 244 HP 311 TQ

Stg 1+ - 280 HP 325 TQ

Not only are we happy with the power gains, but we we are also excited to announce some extra features that come with this tune. First up being our famous crackle pop! With this tune crackle pop only comes on while driving in "Dynamic mode". So, you can still have a nice quiet comfort drive, or you can break some necks in dynamic mode. Next, we have set the auto Start/Stop feature to default to "Off" when the vehicle is started. That's right, no more annoying start/stop! Although, if it is ever needed, all you have to do is click the auto start/stop button and you're ready to go!

Now, this A4 happens to be my wife's daily driver, and she loves this car. I'll just say she has been putting this car through the paces since day 1. So, naturally, I had to ask her what her favorite part of the tune was... Her response, THE LAUNCH! 

This car hits HARD on the launch! Not only that, but it pins you to the seat as it's racing down the street! This launch is mean guys, and this is only Stage 1+! No modifications, no trans tune, just some refined ECU calibrations and good octane. 

Now, that Stage 1 is out of the way it's time to throw on those "go fast" parts and get started on stage 2!