BDT: Audi B9 S5 Front Grill Install (In-Depth)

Posted by TJ on Jun 11th 2021

BDT: Audi B9 S5 Front Grill Install (In-Depth)

How's it going BDT Squad? 

We told you we were getting started on the B9 S5 market, and we are! Next up, we have the front grill install. Why did we go with the grill install as our second documentation video? Well, we have to give you guys something good to look at while she's on the dyno, right? 

So, in this video you will see me lose my mind over this joke of an aftermarket grill, 0/10 would NOT recommend. LOL It looks good after everything is said and done. However, nothing truly lined up and don't even get me started on the camera situation. 

At the end of the day this will be a great video for when you find a quality aftermarket grill.

Thanks for watching!