Do I Need a Retune?

Posted by Starr on Aug 21st 2023

Do I Need a Retune?

How's it going BDT Fam? 

Today we want to talk about "Retunes". What are they, How do they work, and When do you need one? 

Retunes are an amazing feature that we offer our return/repeat customers. 

Basically, if you have already purchased a tune through BDT (This does not include third party sales. You must provide your original order number.) and you are looking to either upgrade your tune, or add/delete modifications to/from your vehicle, our "Retune" service cuts the price by almost HALF. 

For example, If you are currently running a BDT Stage 1 Tune, and you're ready to go BDT Stage 2, instead of purchasing a "Stage 2 tune", you would just purchase a "Retune" and include your original order number from your "Stage 1 tune" purchase. 

Another example would be if you are currently running a "BDT Stage 2 Tune" and you are looking to add some new modifications that require programming, you would choose the "Retune" option in our site and provide your original order number.

We have included a list of modifications that would require a retune. 

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have regarding our Retune Service!

Happy Boosting! #BDTTUNED