2018 - 2021 Audi Q5 2.0t Stage 1 (Remote Tune)

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Our stage one tune is everything you’ve been looking for to wake up the potential of your car! We offer a high quality tune that will help your car perform at the level you have been looking for. With the ease of a remote tune. We ensure to make your performance tune experience happen with no gimmicks and no stress.


Boost Dynamic Tuning's Stage 1 Gains: 

Horse Power 55 - 65

Torque 90 - 110 (depending on octane)


Modifications Required for tune:

  • No Modifications Required


Stage 1 Engine Calibration Modifications:

  • Speed Limiter Removed

  • Rpm limiter raised (Tcu tune required)

  • Boost raised to 14-15psi (depending on elevation, these numbers are at sea level)

  • Torque limiters raised 

  • Fueling requested changed (Depends on Throttle Pedal Position) 

  • Ignition timing Increased

  • Low pressure fuel pump pressure Increased

  • High pressure fuel pressure Increased

  • Driver modes adjusted (Sport, Comfort, Efficiency, Off-Road, Auto, Dynamic)

  • Variable Cam timing


Special Requests Available:

  • E40

  • E85 


**This product includes Cabriolet models



This is a remote tune meaning you will be sent a cable to flash the tune. I will log onto your computer using Teamviewer to flash my tune. 

Windows laptop and Wi-Fi are required to flash the tune. Check out our "Remote Tune Instructions" Video Here!